We've got a revolutionary digital platform on the way.
Businesses will advertise for free.  They can also offer Deals in our Search Engine for Deals™.
The unique, patent pending part of the Search Engine for Deals™ is this:
The Top of the Page, hence the name "TOPS" goes to the highest bidder.
Now, that's nothing new, right?
The most valuable piece of real estate on earth is what?

It's not on Park Avenue. It's not in Hawaii.  It's not in Paris or London.
It's the top of the page for Google.
They've earned approaching a trillion dollars by auctioning off the top of their page to the highest bidding advertiser.
We thought, "Wouldn't it be great if the consumer could simply search for whatever they wanted,
whenever they wanted it and found a bidding war for their dollar.
The company offering the Top Deal for the searched term, for example, "Toyota Camry"
would occupy the Top of the Page in real time.
The business would risk nothing in participating.
Remove the risk from the advertising process and what business won't advertise with us... right?
Then you only have to spread the word... to get buyers to show up.
To do that, we also developed an already built system called by one of the top people at Microsoft as,
"The best thing I've ever seen to fund viral on the Internet."